Some of our favourites in books: (not in any specific order)

Book Author Genre
The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Mystery, Thriller
The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (Series) Alexander McCall Smith Drama, Simplicity, Happiness
The Foundation (Series) Isaac Asimov Science Fiction
Eragon Christopher Paolini Fantasy, Action
Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fantasy, Humour
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams Science Fiction, Humour
Freakonomics Steven Levitt, Stephen J Dubner Economics (Made Interesting!)
The Code Book Simon Singh Cryptology (Made Interesting!)
Tintin (Series) Herge Comics, Mystery, Adventure
Asterix(Series) Goscinny, Uderzo Comics, History, Adventure

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  • 1. S vadwlas  |  August 17, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Dear bindaas bakwaas Friends,

    Hope you are doing good. They say the best things in Life should always be free, whether it is the cool summer evening breeze delicately caressing one’s face or the echoes of a sweet yet innocent laugh, shared with a friend.

    Keeping in with this spirit, we wanted to share with you a free complimentary copy of “Go Clown”- India’s Best Comedy Novel, provided you let us know your shipping address.

    It will make you laugh, cry (with laughter) and then laugh again. Please read, enjoy and share. For laughter is worth sharing! And in the process of reading this book you may pick up a strategy or two on how to best to steer your life.

    What is Go Clown (#AccheDin for Comedy)?

    Better to ask, what is not “Go Clown”?

    Should I buy a car?

    How to write a book called Go Clown,

    And make it a Hit!

    How to become a Karma-Guru?

    How to get a Torch-Light for free?

    How to sell anything to the Americans?

    How to woo a Girl?

    What is the meaning of Life?

    Anything and everything!

    Wishing you and your club Success and Prosperity!


    S Vadwlas (


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