It is often said that cinemas and TV are a reflection of society. At a macro level, I tend to agree with it. It is possible to draw parallels with the evolution of cinema (I am exposed to hindi and tamil cinema the most) to the evolution of society and its tastes. However, every time I watch some of these dramas on TV, I cringe. I am hoping against hope that the truly diabolical (& not just metaphorical) in-laws and ‘friends’ are not a reflection of society. And yet, how does one explain the popularity of these serials?

The only possible explanations for this are that either people relate to the actions & feelings expressed in the serial or they find these programmes engaging because they are so unrelated to reality (a la sci-fi dramas). I’ve come to refer to the second option as the ‘hopeful’ option as I can only hope that these dramas don’t reflect our reality. However, my hopes are quickly dashed when I see people take such obvious pleasure from the manipulative and scheming nature of the title characters in the drama. The only saving grace is that in the end (which comes after many hours of ads interrupted by a few minutes of content), good always triumphs evil.

To quote John Lennon – “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”. And so I live in the alternative delusion, which seems a bit more palatable to me!