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Need for Revenge

Sometimes (actually, many times) I find myself consumed with rage and a desire for revenge. Where is that lightening when you have that perfect scumbag to strike down and incinerate?! Actually, I don’t want them to burn into nothingness. What I’d like is for them to be reduced to babbling idiots, on their knees and apologising for being the demented halfwits that they are.

Various philosophies and great souls recommend patience and a forgiving attitude. But every time I see that autodriver who cuts across, forcing me to hit the breaks suddenly, or that transport officer who tells me to come back another day for my license because I need 3 more certificates not listed on their site, or that colleague who’s technically brilliant but can’t learn to behave professionally to save his worthless life – out go all the breathing techniques and benefits of tolerance – its time for that familiar volcanic eruption!

What’s frustrating, however, is the inability to seek revenge. The autodriver simply throws back a smug look and drives on. The transport officer gets his way. And the !@#$% colleague gets a promotion. I understand the concept of turning the other cheek, but there are so many of these asinine, flea-infested scoundrels that you may end up getting yourself slapped silly till you’re cheekless!

They say indifference kills. I’ve tried that too. But the only one it seems to kill is me! I try not to care, but it gets me, you know. It makes me feel like I’m moving away from this passionate, I-can-change-the-world thing to a numb, stony individual who’s simply pretending that it doesn’t matter. If you’re born one way, its bleeding impossible to simply go become something else one fine day!

I dream of those mystic powers where you just have to think the thought and the rotten mongrel in front you goes into fits. Ofcourse, in order to do that you need to be righteous and always correct like I am, but that alone doesn’t seem to give me the powers I need to face these miserable morons. Divine justice must exist, right? I mean if these rascals aren’t punished somehow, it just isn’t fair right? And I mean, not just the “god sees all and will punish him once he dies” kind of justice. Swift stuff like walking across the street, slipping and falling face-first into a dung heap. And a lightening realisation that you got that 3rd degree treatment for being an ass in the rude email you sent out earlier today. Wouldn’t that be cool?!!

I adore Gandhi and admire Buddha, but oh the pleasure of being Queen Elizabeth and coolly saying… Off with his head!!!


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