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Lost in Lost

“Lost” does not technical come under the movie section but I do not feel like creating a separate category for Serial reviews.

I feel a little like I’ve sold myself to the media if I confess to being addicted to a serial. Oh well so be it. Lost is pretty addictive and I guess its not much of a surprise 🙂 We’re into the third season and spend even 15 min lunch breaks catching up on an episode. That kind of addiction.

The enormity of this thing hit me when I sent Anand off to school yesterday saying “come back soon- we’ll watch Lost”. And he replied “how come you didn’t say – come back soon so we can spend some time together?”. And that’s not the end of it- my next thought was- what’s the difference?! That’s how bad its become.

Cutting the emotional mierde, here’s why I think Lost is super fun:

– It has several characters you feel for. Its like you keep fighting with yourself (and the person you watch it with!) to figure out whom you actually support in THAT episode. Ofcourse the ones you have a crush on are a limited core set of oh-so-attractive creatures, but you have a soft corner for several. Hence more stories to keep you occupied and interested.

– The episodes are convincing. I mean, apart from the usual questions of “how do all the women remain so well-groomed” and “how come all the men (including a huge oversized one!) are so athletic”. If you go past these, they do come up with interesting twists and connections to keep you hooked. I mean 3 seasons and we still want more!

– Introduction of new characters: I mean it makes you wonder how many more characters they can keep introducing on an isolated island. Its getting to a point where the island seems more densely populated and full-of-activity than Manhattan! But they do this nicely and you kinda start looking forward to confrontations with the creepy head-villain, the oh-so-brief flirting between the good-man and the bad-woman-turned-good-woman – you know what I mean. I’m trying hard not to disclose names and characters and stuff 🙂

Overall- worth getting hooked to. Good passtime. And for characters like me- good dream/nightmare material. Believe me- these characters actually appear in my dreams- too life like 😦



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