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Having been in Philly for almost 2 weeks now, I feel compelled to write down all my ‘experiences’!! 🙂

First up, both of us seem to LOVE Philly! I think what we like the most is the ability to walk around wherever we want. Having been mostly in cities where I needed to drive – as Kanch says – ‘even to go to the loo’, Philly is indeed a refreshing change. Ditto Washington DC which has a darn good train system. Both of us can’t wait to check out NY next!

Our apartment is located at downtown Philly as well – known as Center City here. It is so close to a number of theatres here – we have almost 6 theatres within 3 blocks of the apartment! What’s more, we’ve discovered a place nearby that screens independent movies!! One thing we are dying to do is to watch ‘The Dark Knight’ in IMAX! The IMAX screen is not too far away from home either! There’s a lovely public park a couple of blocks away from home, which is full of people and DOGS!! Yes – while i love the place, i am an extremely scared soul walking through the park!! 🙂

I met with a whole bunch of desi and international students at the orientation yesterday! My first feeling on meeting so many people in the class was one of awe! I still can’t believe I’ve been accepted into such an extraordinary class and am extremely humbled when I see people who are much much more accomplished! At the same time, I am extremely grateful for this chance and am EXTREMELY EXCITED about the next two years! While I’m more than sure that the time in school is going to be packed with a lot of work, I am absolutely sure its going to be fun! 🙂

Do watch this space for slight more regular updates than usual! 🙂 Cheerios!

Anand (btw – the title also happens to be the name of a Monty Python play that is going to be performed at the theatre right next door to our apartment complex!)


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