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The M-words

‘Maa ki’ or ‘Monkey’ – that is the question. Since there have been more than a handful of jokes on this question, I shall resist the temptation to add to the clichés! Instead, lets take a step back and focus on a significantly less important question – ‘Did Harbhajan racially abuse Symonds?’

In the absence of having a chance to have a heart-to-heart chat with Sachin over some fresh draught beer, we will have to deduce the answer from the final ruling – a small meaningless fine to Harbhajan!. So here’s my question – was Bhajji’s sentence reduced because he was innocent? If so, why even the fine? Besides, shouldn’t Ponting and his men be penalized for raising a hue and cry over nothing? If not and Bhajji was indeed guilty, shouldn’t he have been punished more? This neither-here-nor-there judgement is too confusing to understand for everyone except the ICC!!

But lately, the worst M-gaali doing the rounds is ‘MNS’! It’s amazing that in the name of democracy, we tend to tolerate these hooligans! The unfortunate loss of a life in this tamasha is a sign of how much these people really care about the common manoos – marathi or otherwise! And yes – the state government certainly did its job by ensuring that Raj was arrested, produced before the court and freed – all in a matter of a couple of hours, never mind if it felt like 2 days on the news channels!

And finally, we have the Maoists! Admittedly, I don’t understand all the issues involved in the naxal movement. But let’s get this clear – they have needlessly incurred the wrath of the police and the general public for their mischief. They most certainly have to be taught a lesson and a hard one at that for trying to adopt a violent route. In today’s world, when a silly Raj can use the media to further his cause, why on earth do the Maoists need guns and bombs? Surely the common people are nowhere in the naxal scheme of things either!  

Mera Bharat Mahaan!


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