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Loos Change

After my third visit to the UK, I cannot help making this important observation! While everything seems to be in abundance, one of the first things that most tourists would notice is the absence of spacious loos and of course the lack of water in any of the toilets!!

I am not just refering to the small loo in the bed and breakfast place that we were staying in London!! We made a road trip across Wales & North England and found the same pattern! When we visited the Cardiff Castle in Wales – a castle that supposedly housed one of the richest men of his times – I was very curious to see the bathroom there!! Lo and behold, it was almost the same size as the one in my overnight stopover!! Ok – it did have a tub, but the commode was in such a small corner – it was almost as if the man didn’t want anyone to know he answered nature’s calls!

Moving on from the size of the loos, I have always been irritated by the practice of using toilet paper! In an effort to understand how on earth someone came up with the ridiculous idea of using paper to clean yourself, I’ve come up with a list of possible reasons for the origin of toilet paper (you can add to this list as well):

  1. Soldiers in an army were not very sure if they had water everywhere they stayed overnight – I can understand this. But what were the people in city thinking? Was this a way of showing solidarity with the army!
  2. Ditto campers! One may or may not find water while camping! – Again, understandable and only temporary
  3. Desert Dwellers – an absolute dearth of water is definitely understandable
  4. People in cold countries could not face the prospect of having cold water on their rears – Now this is an argument I am certainly not buying. Didn’t these same people take baths? Either they heated the water before the bath or they had cold baths! Either way, couldn’t the same be done in the toilet? Besides, even if there was some reason that this was infeasible back then, whats the problem now? In addition, isn’t there an environmental cost of using so much paper, even if one is used to the yuckiness of the concept!!

So – all you people out there in the west, its time there for a revo-loo-tion!



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Interview Question!

If u were interviewing a person for the position of a manager and u had a good tech lead from the same company in ur company, what would you do:

  1. ask the tech lead about the interviewee
  2. don’t ask the lead
  3. ask, but only after you’ve made your decision

If you chose option 1, you have excellent judgement. Rock on. If you chose option 2, it doesn’t seem like the wisest thing, but I can understand there can be some situations that demand it. If you chose option 3, Congratulations – you are eligible to be HR manager in my company! 😉

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The story of an idealist who became a manager

I’m the kind of person that can be convinced by n number of people  (n being a finite number >= 3) that expecting something that ‘feels right’ can amount to idealism. Idealism being a word that is currently synonymous with stupid/dreamer/overambitious/silly.

I’ve said rather nasty things about managers who:

  •  breathe down your back asking for status after they’ve already sent you 3 reminders
  • assume you will work late and over weekends to meet the oh-so-crazy deadlines
  • call you up on your personal number to clarify silly doubts and check for updates
  • inwardly cringe when you discuss vacation plans

and lo and behold, mine is the case of the ugly duckling in reverse. I’ve magically transformed from a white swan into an ugly duckling of a manager. I mean, I have to meet the deadlines right?!

My neverending TODO list  ensures that I’m always surrounded by a weird sense of guilt and a false sense of urgency, no matter what I do. While watching a movie, in the middle of work, while sleeping! And suddenly I’m disillusioned. If I got sucked into being what I did not look up to in others, is that the norm?!

I’m confident there exists a job/career/whatever that is enjoyable, challenging, pays you well, is not stressful AND gives you enough time to indulge your other interests. This is roughly the point in similar conversations where people look at me and say, “you’re being idealistic”. And that always makes me want to kick this person. Proving is believing. I will find such an occupation. Wait and watch.


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