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Your application is currently under evaluation

After applying to INSEAD for an MBA starting Jan 2008, I find myself checking my application status almost every alternate day! One way or the other, can’t wait to know the result!!!

Actually, the status has changed very minutely since the last time I saw it! Earlier it said something to the effect that my application was complete and will be evaluated shortly. Now the status reads ‘Your application is currently under evaluation‘. While I’m not very sure if it means what it means to me, I will assume what I think it means!!!

Fingers crossed! ūüėČ


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ad-ness [ad-nis], noun: The phenomenon of seemingly sane people losing it for the sake of an ad.


  • Preity Zinta in the BSNL ads
  • Ajay Devgan and Kajol in all their ads – be it together or individually
  • Shah Rukh Khan in almost all his ads

I know these guys are paid to endorse some products and it’s not their responsibility if the ad sucks. But what I don’t get is how they can so easily agree to look so stupid just for a few bucks. These are not some budding actors who are struggling to make a living – these are guys who have enough and more to last their lifetime. At least now, can’t they exercise their right to appear only in sensible ads? Besides, such irresponsible choice cannot be good for the other brands that the actor is associated with. I would probably sue Shah Rukh Khan if I were Omega’s brand manager! One more reason why I think celebrity endorsements are not worth the cost!

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Psst … its the end of the presentation

Memories¬†of¬†long,¬†boring¬†presentations¬†haunt¬†every¬†one¬†of¬†us.¬†More often than not, I’ve realized its not the topic itself thats the problem but the way the content is presented. One of the most commonly (mis)used presentation aides is the Microsoft Powerpoint application!

I¬†came¬†¬†across¬†this¬†comic¬†video¬†that¬†shows¬†the¬†common¬†mistakes¬†people¬†make. Let me know if you haven’t ¬†seen any of these mistakes (you must be from pluto – remember, its not even a planet!) or even if you have been in more than a handful of presentations that didn’t include at least two of the pitfalls mentioned!

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An offer you can’t refuse

I’ve finally seen ‘The Godfather‘ and made all the 45 years of my plain existence worthwhile!

<waiting for the shock to subside>

I know I know!! I can’t explain why it took so long for a self-proclaimed movie buff like me to watch the mother of all movies. Nevertheless, the good news is that I’ve finally seen it and now understand why it’s such a great movie. Even after all these years the movie was simple fantastic to watch, held together by an extremely taut story line and some riveting performances by the key protagonists.¬†The movie has just the right mix of drama and suspense which is topped by one of the best endings that I’ve ever seen!

Now I don’t want to see the 2nd and 3rd parts (Yes – I haven’t seen them either!!) in the fear of losing that good taste in the mouth!

Which¬†leads¬†me¬†to¬†the¬†question¬†–¬†“what’s¬†the¬†top¬†three¬†movies¬†that¬†you’ve¬†seen¬†so¬†far”?¬†I would definitely rank “The Godfather” at the top! Will probably rate JFK, Seven and Usual Suspects¬†among¬†the¬†next¬†best!¬†Will¬†add¬†to¬†this¬†list¬†when¬†I¬†remember¬†more!

Any¬†others, anybody else?¬†If you can suggest a movie that’s better¬†than The Godfather, then I shall buy you the DVD!!¬†Of¬†course,¬†I¬†am¬†the¬†only¬†judge! Remember, its strictly business, nothing personal!

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Well done – but don’t tell anyone!

One¬†of¬†my¬†colleagues¬†received¬†extremely¬†positive¬†feedback¬†from some of our counterparts in the UK¬†for¬†the¬†great¬†work¬†that¬†he¬†had¬†done. What makes this achievement even more¬†significant is the reputation of the folks from the Queen’s land of highlighting only the negatives while neglecting all¬†the¬†good¬†work!

While our HR manager took the effort to frame the letter of appreciation, he decided to give him the same only  when nobody was looking! The way it has been done seems to suggest that such rewards are not to be disclosed or shared! I have come to almost expect this kind of absurdity from my HR manager!

If¬†you¬†think¬†I’m¬†overreacting¬†–¬†let¬†me¬†tell¬†you, this is not the first time! A couple of months back, three of my colleagues got similar plaques in the middle of the night for their excellent performance!¬†The (illogical) explanation for this was that it was done so that a couple of folks from the US could participate! If we can plan status meetings (yawn!)¬†at mutually convenient times, why in heavens name is it not possible to take the time to do something as useful and necessary! The problem is not in the timezones, but rather in the zone between the ears!!

I know Scott Adams filled books with such ‘case studies’, but if there are other such original situations that you’ve witnessed in your office – please do share the laughs!! Not sure this is laughing matter, but what the hell!!

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Loos Talk

Imagine you are a guy (those who believe they are already guys can skip this step) and you go into a men’s room. There are three urinals side by side and all three are available. Which one would you choose?

I believe that the choice of urinal is indicative of the nature of the person! Are you wondering how? Of course, I cannot comment on the artistic Vs logical capabilities of the guys who choose either extreme, but I can bet that nine times out of ten, the guy who chooses the one in the middle is an insecure attention seeker!

Am I reading too much into the urinating habits of guys? I don’t think so! If you think about it, such decisions are usually made at the spur of the moment when the guy has almost no time to make a well-reasoned decision! The choice is something that is made instinctively and hence is a reflection of the basic nature of the person! Besides, it is an indicator of the guy’s personal hygiene! The guy choosing the urinal in the center is more likely to leave the toilet door open at home and insist on sharing a toothbrush!

On the flip side, it also seems more likely that the guys going for the extremes would take much longer to adjust to a more natural environment that lacks some basic facilities that we’ve become used to! This also means, such persons would plan things a little ahead of time in order to avoid as many unexpected, uncomfortable situations as possible! Note, this does not mean that these guys cannot adjust to any new situation! After all this test is one of preference and not capability!

So to all you ladies out there, if you are ever in a situation where you don’t have as much time to decide if a guy is right or not, just make him pee!

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One way traffic

While driving home one day, a motorcyclist got on my nerves with his constant honking and lane shifting. Keeping my temper under check (please note Kanch), I kept driving down when I saw the motorcyclist try yet another stunt with a driver in a spanking new L-board car! As the bike weaved into his lane, the car didn’t swerve in time and ended up knocking down the motorist!

While not the nastiest fall I’ve seen, I’m sure the rider was hurt. I’m sure he must have been thanking his stars for wearing a helmet on his elbow! It surely did save him a bruise on the elbow though he did have a small bump on his head! Nothing too bad!

As I drove past I realized two things! First, I was smiling!! I was actually happy to see the motorist get his due! But just as I was getting over the shock of my reaction, I realized something else! I was wishing that it had been worse! There was a part of me that believed that though punished, he was getting away too lightly!

When I ‚Äėconfessed‚Äô to Kanch, she thought the city has made me this way and it‚Äôs a sign for us to leave the maddening crowd! Is it? I‚Äôm not so sure! When I think about it, it‚Äôs not the city I hate but rather the system that enables people to get away with violations in every field of life from traffic to hygiene to public welfare. So will getting away from the city solve the problem? I can‚Äôt think of too many cities or even towns in India where I won‚Äôt face this problem.

Like the elders always like to say ‚Äď I guess the problem is in me! I should learn to get less frustrated with the surrounding apathy! It‚Äôs stupid of me to think or hope that people will change and start acting with a little more common sense! I guess it‚Äôs about time I started enjoying the chaos, not fighting it!

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