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Basic Instinct

In one of his posts, Kenny talks about┬ásports and how it brings out the real person in us!! Despite being a long time since the post, it keeps coming back to me every now and then when I observe someone’s behaviour while playing! While I’m sure I’ve had the same feelings all along, I think he has summed it up very well!


Video games sometimes do bring out the real us. Almost as much as sports do. I have always been able to make pretty accurate first time judgements about people by their demeanor on the soccer field, tennis/squash courts. The way they react to missing an open goal, someone cheating, opponent playing rough, being on the losing team and other myriad situations. I guess thats because when playing there is not enough time to think and act. You say things because you want to and you do stuff because you want to. There is no analyzing and counter analyzing. You react on instinct and that instinct is you. Some show restraint, some rant and some cuss because thats what comes to them naturally.


I personally know people who instinctively cheat on court, those who will only blame their partner in a doubles game never accepting any blame themselves, those who mock their opponents when they win a game and those who will never accept that anyone who defeats them is better! And sure enough this is the same attitude that is carried to other facets of their lives – whether or not they would accept it in a behavioural survey!

Wish there was a way to hire people by making them play some sport or even a video game!!



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